Academy - Whive.Academy

The Whive Academy will be a global network of enthusiasts who will train miners, developers and users on use of the protocol through a curriculum being developed by Whive partners most notably BitHub.Africa.

The Academy building on the success of the BitHub Africa education platform will offer paid internships in Whive crypto-tokens to those who successfully pass the Blockchain 101 course taught by any of the participating hubs. The course will include the following modules:

  1. Introduction to Blockchain ½ Day
  2. Conceptualization on Blockchain ½ Day
  3. Blockchain Components ½ Day
  4. Mining & Node Setup ½ Day
  5. Foundational Math ½ Day
  6. Introduction to Blockchain Programming 2 Days
  7. Consensus Protocols ½ Day

Students who show high proficiency in programming will qualify for advanced training and full-time positions as core developers after the internship program by the Whive Foundation.