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WebHive also known as Whive; is a peer-to-peer(P2P) protocol that allows for building of a suite of Distributed Applications(DApps) addressing social challenges such as #EnergyAccess through #TrustLess Human-to-Machine(H2M) interactions.

Communities, within the developing World continue to endure extreme poverty partially due to an inability to utilize resources that are abundant within their regions.

The Whive protocol seeks to empower communities to access latent resources such as; Solar Energy & Irrigated Water through Distributed Applications.

We achieve this through a Merge-Mined Sidechain that extends Bitcoin's distributed trust model. This ensures that we are able to add value by building a community of engineers who can now focus on building solutions without worrying about security. 

Photo: Innovate for Counties Challenge by UN Habitat & BitHub Africa, October 2017.



Find out about our Open-Source Blockchain Protocol and what Distributed Applications you can BUIDL.

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The team at BitHub.Africa is building a Distributed Application that Absorbs Energy & Grows Value, #SolarAccess!

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